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Jenny Ho is an experienced real estate professional who specializes in many real estate markets in the Lower Maniland.
You can place your confidence in her experience, reliability and dedication.

Get to know Jenny . . .

Similar to many Asian immigrants who came to Canada in the last decade, Jenny came to Vancouver in the mid nineties already with vast experience in the business world, having worked in numerous multi-national corporations. Jenny wanted to fine-tune and polish what she had learned in the business world by attaining a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting at Simon Fraser University. After all, her formal university training put her extensive knowledge into good use.

Her decision to become a realtor started at the time when she was looking for her first home in Vancouver. Like most other home buyers, Jenny worked with a local realtor in search of her dream home. It turned out that the experience of working with that particular realtor was not a pleasant one. This prompted her to think that it takes a quality realtor to help recent immigrants like herself to find the right home for them, someone who is dedicated and knowledgeable in what she does and most of all, honest and committed to providing the best service possible. Naturally, her decision to become a realtor became apparent as she possesses all those qualities and a career start in real estate was inevitable.

Having lived and worked in the Greater Vancouver area for well over 10 years, Jenny is very knowledgeable about many different communities in the area. The fact that Jenny has worked with many different clients from various ethnic backgrounds that it really broadens her ability to effectively communicate with all walks of life, a strength that not many other realtors possess. Jenny is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese and is well liked by her clientele. With Jenny, you can expect honesty with the highest degree of integrity. You can place your confidence in Jenny's experience, reliability and dedication. She is committed to providing you with the best service from beginning to the end of your transaction with attention to every detail. Let Jenny bring home the result you expect.

Some Facts About Jenny

Medallion Club

MLS Medallion Club Member

Jenny is consistently one of the top 10% of all realtors in the Greater Vancouver area.

Over 10 years experience

Jenny has upwards of 10 years working in the real estate industry in the Greater Vancouver area.

Hundreds of satisfied clients

Jenny's clients have entrusted her with all their real estate transactions.

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With Jenny, you can expect honesty with the highest degree of integrity. It will be difficult to find an agent with more enthusiasm than Jenny. Her high energy and commitment to service produces successful results for both buyers and sellers. You may contact me using any of the methods listed above or you may search for properties using my MLS property search page.

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